Cookie Policy

Updated on October 16, 2022

When you browse the website (the " Website "), cookies and other trackers are deposited on your terminal (computer, mobile, tablet). This page describes the cookies and other trackers we use, the reasons why we use them, and the tools at your disposal to manage them. 


The notion of cookie and tracers, taken in the broadest sense, covers all non-executable text files, tracers, web beacons and other technologies for collecting information relating to your browsing and your interactions on the Site, deposited on the browser of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile), subject to your consent (with the exception of certain cookies for which your consent is not required). The information contained in this file can only be read and/or modified by its issuer.


We use cookies to ensure the proper functioning and security of the site, to improve your experience, to carry out statistics and audience measurements, and to personalize advertisements and content according to your navigation and profile.

The cookies deployed on the Site are the following:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the Site and cannot be disabled from our systems. They are generally only activated in response to actions you take that are consistent with a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling out forms. 

You can set your browser to block or alert you to the use of these cookies. However, if this category of cookies - which do not store any personal data - is blocked, some parts of the Site may not function.

You can oppose the use of this type of cookie and delete them by using your browser settings. However, you may not be able to access the Site and/or its services.

Please note that our payment provider, Stripe Connect, may also use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of its services and to detect and prevent fraud. To learn more about Stripe Connect's practices, we invite you to consult their policy: https: //

  1. Functionality cookies

These cookies allow us to improve and personalize the functionality of the Site. They may be set by us, or by third parties whose services are used on the Site. If you do not accept these cookies, some or all of these services may not function properly.

  • Cloudflare

Cloudflare works like a reverse proxy. It is a wall through which web requests must pass before reaching the Site. We use it to ensure the security, performance and reliability of

  • Intercom

Intercom is an interconnected communication tool. We use it to put your satisfaction at the heart of our business and to personalize your interactions as much as possible.

  1. Performance cookies

The Site uses audience measurement cookies to produce statistics on the number of visitors. You can choose to deactivate the use of audience measurement cookies without any consequence. 

  • Google Analytics

It allows us to track our Site's audience, learn about your navigation on our Site, and generate statistical data about the use of the Site. This allows us to improve the performance of the Site.

  • Google Tag Manager

Through pre-defined tags or tags that we can customize, we can collect critical information about your visit to our Site, marketing campaigns and Site performance. This allows us to improve the experience and performance of the Site.

  1. Social network cookies

While browsing our Site, you have the option of clicking on the "social networks" buttons to view our Facebook, Instagram profiles. These third-party applications are likely to deposit cookies to offer you targeted advertising. By clicking on the icon corresponding to the social network, the latter is likely to identify you. If you are connected to the social network while browsing our Site, the sharing buttons allow you to link the content you consult to your user account.

We cannot control the process used by social networks to collect information about your navigation on our Site. We therefore invite you to consult their personal data protection policy in order to know the purpose of their use and the browsing information they may collect.


Some of the cookies we use are subject to your consent. 

We use the CookieYes consent management platform to collect your choices on the Site.

You can express your choice globally, or set your preferences by cookie purpose. You can modify these choices at any time from the "Cookies" module accessible from any page of the Site.

No cookie will be installed on your terminal without your prior consent, with the exception of certain cookies whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means, or which are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at your express request. 


We may collect personal data about you as a data controller through the use of cookies and other trackers that we use on the Site. For more information on how your personal data is processed in this context, please read our Privacy Policy.  


If you have any questions about the cookies used on our Site, you can write to us at 


We may change this Cookie Policy from time to time, for example, to reflect changes in the law, technological advances and good business practices. We will notify you if there is a material change.